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Shift is a platform for experimental sound and musical performance.

411 Kent Ave., Brooklyn NY 11249

All shows @8pm, Doors 7:30, tickets $15 (unless otherwise noted)

All proceeds go to musicians

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Sun April 2

to and fro: Dave Burrell

5pm, doors 4:30pm


Shift 67, Wed April 5

Matthew Ostrowski, Ted Moore

Raoul Björkenheim, Anders Nilsson

8pm, doors 7:30pm



Sun April 9

to and fro: Sylvie Courvoisier

5pm, doors 4:30pm



Shift 68, Wed April 12

Austin Larkin

Sean Meehan, Leslie Ross

8pm, doors 7:30pm



Sat April 15,

Peter Kerlin

Jack Cooper's "Arrival"

(Sam Morrison, Jeff Tobias, Karen Waltuch)

5pm, doors 4:30



Shift 69, Sun April 16

Eva Sidén, solo, and duet with Marcia Bassett

5pm, doors 4:30pm



Shift 70, Wed April 19
CT::SWaM presents

Sari Carel
Mike Bullock
Claudia Robles-Angel



Thurs April 20
CT::SWaM Workshop

SEED 02:: Live Diffusion and Thresholds of Decentering


Evening presentation: 8pm, doors 7:30pm

Sat April 22

Elliot Sharp Workshop


more info coming soon

Sun April 23

to and fro: Alexis Marcelo

5pm, doors 4:30pm



Shift 71, Wed April 26

Tropos (Philip Golub, Mario Layne Fabrizio)

Mariel Roberts/ Tomas Fujiwara

8pm, doors 7:30pm


Sun April 30

to and fro: Anthony Coleman

5pm, doors 4:30pm




Shift 01: April 20

John King & Joanna Mattrey

Anthony Coleman & Kevin Shea

Shift 02: April 27
Quartet or Two Duos (Ilgenfritz, Porter, Parnmongkol, Vítková)
Michael Foster & Ben Bennett

Shift 03: May 4

Samara Lubelski & Marcia Bassett

Mark Morgan

Shift 04: May 11 (POSTPONED!)
Seth Cluett

Michael J. Schumacher
Yasunao Tone 

Shift 05: May 18
Matt Sutton & Karla Schickele

Ned Collette

**Thursday, May 19** 8pm

Holland Andrews

Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang

Shift 06: May 25

John McCowen w. Laura Cocks, Dominic Coles

Henrik Nørstebø

Shift 07: June 1
Trio KAM: Michael Wimberly w. Adam Lane & Alexis Marcelo

Bill Nace & David Watson

Shift 08: June 8

Dani Dobkin/Matt Sargent

Gideon Crevoshay/Devin Greenwood

Shift 09: June 15
James Brandon Lewis
Steve Baczkowski

**Curated by Brandon Lopez**

Shift 10: June 22

Jason Kahn

Earth Tongues

Shift 11: June 29
Brandon Lopez & Nate Wooley
Cecilia Lopez

**Curated by Brandon Lopez**

Shift 12: July 5-9

Ian Douglas-Moore's Big Sine installation for pure tones tuned to the Shift space
July 6, 8pm: installation performance with Patrick Holmes, Danny Tunick

Hours & info

Shift 13: July 13
Lampshade (Chris Cochrane, Viv Corringham, Miguel Frasconi)

Fred Lonberg-Holm with Michael Attias, Mat Maneri, and Tom Rainey

Shift 14: July 20

Andrew Bernstein sextet (Andrew Bernstein, Jeff Tobias, Che Chen, Zach Rowden, Justin Frye, Henry Birdsey)

Lee Ranaldo & Michael Vallera

Shift 15: July 27

The Scene Is Now

God Is My Co-Pilot

Shift 16: August 3
J.R. Bohannon and Ryley Walker 
Ståle Liavik Solberg w. Sana Nagano, David Watson

Shift 17: Aug 10

Forbes Graham w. Cecila Lopez, Brandon Lopezgabby fluke-mogul, Tcheser Holmes, Mara Rosenbloom

Shift 18: Aug 17
Overflow Undertow, a variety show organized by lele dai:

Keiko Uenishi; Sam Newsome; Lucie Vítková; Many Many Girls; Bungey Colle and Banigold; Bradley Eros, Genevieve HK, and Benji Santos; Jin Mateo Kim, Shauna Steinbach, and Kimin Kim; Deadhouse

Thursday, Aug 18
Julien Ottavi and Katherine Liberovskaya's ELECTROPIXEL 12, a festival of emerging digital cultures and free electronic practices:

Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya; Hans Tammen and Dafna Naphtali; Jenny Pickett and Julien Ottavi; Gill Arno and lele dai

Shift 19: Aug 24
Michael J. Schumacher's "Room Pieces and Others" installation

4pm - 10pm

Shift 20: Aug 31

Gloatmeal (Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile)

David First and Marc Edwards

Shift 21: Sept 7

Michaël Attias, Samuel Ber, Matt Mitchell

Nepenthae (Zach Layton, Raf Vertessen, Henry Fraser)


Saturday, Sept 10: 

"Media of the Masses: Cassette Culture in Modern Egypt"

Andrew Simon listening session & conversation with Erica Robles-Anderson

4pm, FREE

Co-hosted with Supplemental Space

More info

Shift 22: Sept 14

Marcia Bassett, Sandy Gordon, Ted Gordon
Jim Pugliese & Marco Capelli's IDR (Italian Doc Remix)

Shift 23: Sept 21 

Loren Connors

Jeff Fuccillo / Disturbed Strings
"Az Yashir" performed by Ayal Senior & GRAY/SMITH

Curated by Jay Sanders

Shift 24: Sept 28

Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, Alex Waterman 
Che Chen, Talice Lee, Barry Weisblat, Alex Zhang Hungtai

Shift 25, Wed Oct 5:
EyeHigh (Matt Mottel, Tcheser Holmes, Aquiles Navarro, Jim McHugh)
GNR8RZ (Simon Hanes, Aliya Ultan, Calvin Weston, Anthony Coleman)

Shift 27, Wed Oct 12:
Henry Fraser

Robert Dick solo, & duet with David Watson

Shift 28, Wed Oct 19:
Marcela Lucatelli

Lauren Sarah Hayes

Shift 29, Thurs Oct 20:



Tom Carter

Shift 30, Wed Oct 26:
Megha Rawoot 

Elliott Sharp

Shift 31, Sat Oct 29:

Honeychild Coleman

The Scene Is Now


Shift 32, Weds Nov 2:
Nava Dunkelman, Chuck Bettis
Human Rites (Jason Kao Hwang, Ken Filiano, Andrew Drury)

Shift 33, Sun, Nov 6 @4pm:

Talujon plays Petr Kotik's The Plains at Gordium

Shift 34, Wed Nov 9:

Seymour Glass

Rump State (Mark Charles Morgan, "GG" from Norway)

Shift 35, Sat Nov. 12:

The Dirt Whisperers

John King, Abe Speller

Shift 36, Wed Nov. 16:

Little Black Egg (Georgia Hubley)

Angel Dean, Sue Garner with Cheryl Kingan and Greg Peterson

Shift 37, Sat Nov. 19:


C. Spencer Yeh, Kwami Winfield

Thomas Dimuzio, Bob Bellerue

Shift 38, Wed Nov. 30: curated by Julia Santoli

Lorenz Lindner, Julia Santoli

Brandon Lopez, Cecilia Lopez

Fri, Dec 2: 

Listening party for Melvin Gibbs' Anamibia Sessions 1: The Wave


Shift 37, Sat Dec 3:

Anthony Coleman
Whit Dickey Root Perspectives record release with Tony Malaby, Matthew Shipp, and Brandon Lopez

Shift 38, Wed Dec 7:

Chris LiButti

Alan Courtis (of Reynols) (Argentina), Loren Connors

(solo + duo)


Thurs Dec 8, The Stone at Shift: William Winant

$15 each set

8pm Quintet:
Ikue Mori (electronics), Zeena Parkins (harps, keyboards), Shayna Dunkelman (percussion), Nava Dunkelman (percussion), William Winant (percussion)

9:30pm Trio:
Ava Mendoza (guitar), Ches Smith (drums), William Winant (percussion)

Shift 39-40, Fri-Sat Dec 9-10:

Catalytic Sound at Shift

8:30pm, Doors at 8pm


Zeena Parkins, Sylvie Courvoisier, Nate Wooley, Chris Corsano, Ikue Mori, Lotte Anker, Cecilia Lopez, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Brandon Lopez, Ned Rothenberg (12/10), and David Watson (12/10)

Shift 41, Mon Dec 12, in partnership with Experimental Intermedia:
Tom Hamilton and Thessia Machado
Curated by Phill Niblock 

Shift 42, Wed Dec 14:

Shoko Nagai, Satoshi Takeishi

Phillip Greenlief, Angelica Sanchez, Tom Rainey

Shift 43, Thurs Dec 15, in partnership with

Experimental Intermedia:

Pauline Harris w. String Noise, Jesse Stiles, Katherine Liberovskaya 

Curated by Phill Niblock

Fri-Sat Dec 16-17,

Fri Ikue Mori (electronics), Brian Chase (drums), David Watson (bagpipes) at 8pm and Ikue Mori (electronics), Craig Taborn (piano), and Lotte Anker (sax) at 9:30pm, $15 per set.

Sat Ikue Mori (electronics), Zeena Parkins (harps, keyboard), Charmaine Lee (electronics, vocals) at 8pm and Ikue Mori (electronics), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano), Ned Rothenburg (reeds), and Lotte Anker (sax) at 9:30pm, $15 per set

Shift 44, Wed Dec 21: 

Wet Ink with Ingrid Laubrock and Tom Rainey

Shift 45, Wed Jan 4:  

Adam Lane, Alexis Marcelo, Michael Wimberly Trio 

Sunken Cages (Ravish Momin) solo + M. Wimberly guest 

curated by Michael Wimberly

Shift 46, Wed Jan 11: Pool
Multiple improv combinations (Anastasia Clarke, Marcus Cummins, Sandy Gordon, Matteo Liberatore, Matthew Ostrowski, Mariel Roberts, Kevin Shea & David Watson)

Shift 47, Wed Jan 18: 

The John King Trio w/Brandon Lopez (bass) & Michael Wimberly (drums) 

Lesley Mok (drums) - Solo Performance  

curated by Michael Wimberly 

Shift 48, Wed Jan 25: 

Tom Chiu & Michael Schumacher 

David Galbraith & Sergei Tcherepnin  

Thur, Jan 26:

You're With Stupid book release hosted by Supplemental Space at 6pm

Shift 50, Wed Feb 1

Ian Douglas-Moore, Eric Wong, Dominic Coles

Seth Cluett

8pm, Doors 7:30pm

Fri Feb 3

MARSHALL ALLEN & NYC ALL-STARS Benefit presented by Arts For Art (AFA)

Darius Jones, Isaiah Collier, Sam Newsome, Patrick Holmes, Milena Casado, Heru Shabaka-Ra, Gwen Laster, Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Brandon Lopez, Eriq Robinson - el, Janice Lowe, Fay Victor, Juan Pablo Carletti, & Lesley Mok

7pm & 9pm sets, doors 6:30pm



Shift 52, Wed Feb 8
Matthew Shipp, Rob Brown, Whit Dickey
Marco Cappelli, Elliott Sharp, JT Lewis  
8pm, doors 7:30

Fri Feb 10
AFA (Arts for Art) Brandon Lopez Residency:
Jessica Pavone and Tristan Krause (Record Release)
Brandon Lopez piano trio with Hans Young Binter (piano) and Tom Rainey (drums)
7pm & 9pm sets, doors 6:30pm

$15 in advance, $20 at the door


Shift 53, Sat Feb 11
Zafer Tawil

Elliott Sharp, Hélène Breschand


Shift 54, Sun Feb 12
Guillaume Malaret installation


Shift 55, Wed Feb 15

The Bridge Bass Quartet: Che Chen, Dave Hofstra, William Parker, Dave Sewelson


Shift 56, Thurs Feb 16
James Fei, John Bischoff
Keith Fullerton Whitman

Fri Feb 17
AFA (Arts for Art) Brandon Lopez Residency:
Michael Foster, Michael T.A. Thompson, John Blum trio

Brandon Lopez piano trio with Hans Young Binter (piano) and Tom Rainey (drums)

Shift 57, Sun Feb 19
Anna Schimkat installation

Shift 58, Wed Feb 22

Pool Improv 
Tom Chiu, Robert Dick, Lucie Vítková, Liz Kosack

8pm, doors 7:30

Fri Feb 24
AFA (Arts for Art) Brandon Lopez Residency:
Darius Jones, Shahzad Ismaily, Ryan Sawyer trio

Brandon Lopez piano trio with Hans Young Binter (piano) and Tom Rainey (drums)

Shift 59, Sun Feb 26

Dan Joseph Periodicity Piece #10 

Installation  5pm-8pm

Shift 60, Wed March 1

Mark Morgan

Excavation (Chris Cochrane, Nick Jozwiak, Shoko Nagai, John Thayer)

Shift 61, Thurs March 2

Record re-release show, co–presentation with Amish Records 

Samara Lubelski / Che Chen + Anaïs Maviel / PG Six

Fri March 3

(AFA) Compassion: A tribute to Connie Crothers

Sat March 4

Evergreen Review: The Uses of Translation: Hofmann-Kuroda, Ramadan, Wimmer

Shift 62, Sun March 5

Tania Chen Installation

Shift 63, Wed March 8

Michaël Attias

Chris Pitsiokos, Joe Morris, Kevin Murray

Fri March 10

Guess Work Ensemble performing Brian Eno's Discreet Music

Tues March 14

Experimental Intermedia: Luca Forcucci

Shift 64, Wed March 15

David First

David Watson and Sam Kulik

March 16th book release and show: 

Cisco Bradley's "The Williamsburg Avant-Garde"

Andrea Wolper,Virg Dzurinko, Talibam! with Yuko Otomo, Tamio Shiraishi, Marc Edwards' Slipstream Time Travel

Fri March 17

Experimental Intermedia: Elico Suzuki

Sun March 19

Experimental Intermedia: 

Screen Compositions: Edition 19:

curated by Katherine Liberovskay 

Shift 65, Wed March 22

Stephan Crump  

Ken Filiano, Shelley Hirsch, Hans Tammen

Thurs March 23

(Blank Forms) Still House Plants, Melvin Gibbs, and 7038634357

Fri March 24

(Blank Forms) Still House Plants, Dawuna, and Charles Curtis

Shift 66, Wed Mar 29

curated by Brian Chase (Chaikin Records)

Organs Obsolete

Tomas Fujiwara

Brian Chase/Anthony Coleman

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