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The Uses of Translation: Hofmann-Kuroda, Ramadan, Wimmer

Sat, March 4, 3-5 pm

411 Kent

Presented by the Evergreen Review and Singapore Unbound


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Domestic Performance Agency (DPA) Artist shop installation

411 Kent Ave., Brooklyn NY 11249

Saturday, May 28, noon-6pm

Sunday, May 29, noon-6pm

Monday, May 30, 3pm-6pm

Afterhours viewing and reception: Saturday, 6pm-8pm

Athena Kokoronis of the Domestic Performance Agency (DPA) will present an artist shop installation at 411 Kent on Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29 12-6pm with a reception and afterhours viewing on Saturday, May 28 from 6-8pm.


DPA will be in company with collaborators Lydia Rodrigues of LRC and metal worker & artist Julia Murray.


Stop by for eco-restorative bouquets; natural dye works made with indigo, fruits of city trees, and compost; live fittings/choreographic alterations; DPA wearable archive pieces; and a selection curated by LRC to pair with your new (or existing!) DPA. Julia Murray's hand bent, welded metal hangers will be showcased and dressed with shop items.


Athena Kokoronis studies regenerative life cycles of materials, space and human relationships through hospitality, dance, and collaboration. DPA is a brand used to hold Kokoronis' process-based work as an artist, performer, mother, choreographer, chef, and designer. 


Lydia Rodrigues is an artist based in the LES, NYC. Her vision and eye is translated into her bi-annual salon, and is the vehicle for the foundational world of LYDIA RODRIGUES COLLECTION (LRC).


Julia Murray is a journeyman ironworker. She is known for public works such as repairing the Brooklyn Bridge and repairing the George Washington bridge cables. She worked with Carol Bove with the large-scale facade works of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In her own studio, her practice is delicate intermingling of fine lace, neon illuminations and heavy metals that range from highly functional to abstract gestures.

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