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411 Kent Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11249

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411 Kent Ave has two entrances, one with 1 step and one with no stairs. The entrance with no stairs may require unlatching from the inside. Please write to or call 617-953-8356 to request access to the no-stair entrance.

Ground floor: There are no internal stairs to access the ground floor music space or bathroom. The bathroom entrance is 26" wide.

2nd floor: The 2nd floor is not wheelchair accessible. The 2nd floor is reachable by 1 flight of stairs.

Masking: Masking is currently optional at FourOneOne.

We will do our best to make this space as accessible to you as we can. For all other accessibility questions or to discuss specific needs, please write to


Artistic director: David Watson

Technical director: Ian Douglas-Moore

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